Dr. Stephanie Troßbach serves as an ombudsperson for companies.

An ombudsperson, also known as an “ombudsman” or “confidential representative”, independently represents the interests of clients by receiving and addressing reports of potential misconduct, and may also conduct internal investigations.

The role of the ombudsperson is to prevent and uncover violations of the law (and possibly other compliance violations) within companies or organizations. An ombudsperson is thus a component of an effective Compliance Management System (CMS) and of a risk-management strategy.

The ombudsperson represents the client (whether company or organization), not the whistleblower. However, the whistleblower’s protection is ensured by professional secrecy and restrictions on the information which the client can demand from the ombudsperson. The whistleblower’s identity can be disclosed to the client only with the explicit and written consent of the whistleblower.

The following communication channels are generally available for the submission of a report:

  • Individual phone number
  • Personalized e-mail address (e.g.
  • Contact form website with encrypted transmission
  • Letter

With passage of the EU Whistleblower Directive, which mandates a procedure for dealing with reports from whistleblowers, the ombudsperson function has become even more important. The appointment of an ombudsperson can have considerable advantages over a commercial whistleblower system. The ombudsperson is available to the whistleblower as a designated external contact person and can advise on whether a report should be made. The company represented by the ombudsperson can lessen the ombudsperson’s workload by means of initial inspection and assessment. Optionally, the ombudsperson can also actively liaise with a commercial whistleblowing system and, if necessary, also participate in internal investigations.

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This contact form enables you to submit violations of laws and regulations concerning companies represented by Dr. Stephanie Troßbach. Submitting such a report does not create an attorney-client relationship between Dr. Troßbach and you as a whistleblower. The submission of a report is free of charge.

You can submit your report by name or anonymously. Experience shows that reports submitted by name are usually easier to resolve. If you still wish to remain anonymous, please note that in course of submitting your report, you should not submit any information that directly or indirectly allows conclusions to be drawn about your identity. Also make sure you have a secure Internet connection, which is indicated by the lock symbol in your browser.

Please provide information about suspected violations of laws and regulations. You should not contact the ombudsperson for other matters, for instance to as a next step in “escalating” general conflicts with superiors or colleagues. The whistleblower system also may not be used to file deliberately inaccurate, insulting, or defamatory reports.


    Note: You may still provide a telephone number or e-mail address which does not identify you in order to enable us to contact you in the event of queries regarding your report. You may also disclose your identity at a later date.

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